All our work is just around one common goal : your business success.

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Society is experiencing a second Internet revolution, bringing wireless broadband Internet to virtually every place in the world. The movement concerns governments, businesses and individuals alike. It will create a new digital life style, giving mobility, efficiency, productivity a new dimension.

Crowdsourced Innovations and the shared economy is a growth market with a high willingness to invest into new ventures to boost innovation and bring best of breed solutions to the market. It also challenges established businesses to embrace the new technologies and secure their mature businesses. The promise of the ubiquitous internet may finally come to fruition.

The mission is to create value for growth-oriented companies, by opening new markets and accessing new revenue streams within this new exciting ecosystem.

Philosophy of Work

Our work is based on the belief and experience that new markets are best developed when outstanding product or services are combined with focused individuals who have local market experience. For companies with superior products or services, we do supply local expertise and an extensive network in various European Markets.

The core of our business provides hands on sales and business development for telecommunication, information technology, media and entertainment companies.


Our business approach is a collection of interrelated tasks, which accomplish a particular common goal. Each phase of the overall process builds upon the previous but guides what lies ahead, and plays a key role in making up the integrated solution. What binds this entire process is engaging in constant dialogue with our clients to ensure objectives are met.

MSD Work Approach

How it works

Phase 1: Discover

Our process is kicked-off by getting to know our clients and discovering their needs. It is here that we gather all necessary information regarding your market segments, target audience, and most important your company identity. This is the phase where we become your advocate for measurable success, with clearly defined boundaries, input and output.

Phase 2: Strategize

Now that we have initiated dialog and established a relationship built around your company, we then thoughtfully craft the necessary strategy and tactics needed to achieve our objective. Think of this as being the blue prints for what's to come. This means mapping out the entire communication campaign, establishing a business development architecture, and compiling possible requirements for implementing the desired tracking and reporting later in the process.

Phase 3: Design

Getting measurable results for our customers is our main focus. We analyze the demand and design the best market entry approach. International expansion and Leadership Networking is our core business. We understand the challenges because of in-depth experience gained whilst repeatedly creating successful operations for international clients.

Phase 4: Implement

When the blueprinted reference model is in place the total view of visions, functions, organizational structures and processes, which together can be defined as a representative way of doing business is set to go. At this point we have our plan in action and an established roadmap, so it's time to begin implementation. During this phase our expertise ensures, that you have a business partner that will enable you to “get it right” the first time.

Phase 5: Deploy

Once everything is implemented and accounted for, we settle for deployment. Constant reporting loops assure that our common goal is never out of sight. We will open doors for you at prospective customers and strategic partners such as resellers and alliance partners. During the entire process we will ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to achieve your revenue targets. With our profound market knowledge, we setup an ongoing trend monitor for your company that will automatically track the trends relevant for your business.

Phase 6: Analyze

This is the final phase of the process in which we continually measure the effectiveness of the implemented and deployed tactics for a set period of time. We report on new trends, products and services, industry events and venture capital investments. This leads us full-circle back to the Discover phase where any next steps are determined.